We have a vision to change the way investments are delivered. Mafematica will help you to:

  • CHOOSE your investments

  • IMPLEMENT your decisions, &

  • LOWER your costs

Financial Professionals

Concerned your SMSF clients are flying blind in regard to their investments?
Worried that you’ll lose them if you refer them elsewhere?

Mafematica is the solution – empowerment for you and your clients.

Mafematica's website will integrate with your existing IT systems so that clients' actual portfolios can be assessed for their potential to deliver the outcomes clients are seeking.

Retail Clients

Does your portfolio fit your objectives?
Will it generate enough income when you have retired?
What should you choose to buy?
Mafematica can guide you in designing your portfolio by allowing you to:
• Forecast dividend streams to build your portfolio
• Link you to brokers who will make it happen, or suggest funds to achieve your objective


Mafematica direct fees will be significantly lower than prevailing rates. Our approach to implementation will also lower costs.