Mafematica provides

  • Choices of
    • core investment portfolios
    • share portfolios reflecting market sectors and third-party broker’s choices
    • Funds and ETFs
    • all of which will be able to be assessed for
      • retirement forecasting
      • education funding plans and
      • standard ‘Robo-Advice’ savings / wealth accumulation.
  • Mafematica’s portfolios do not all require trusts which dramatically decreases costs
  • Mafematica will provide high levels of education for users to improve their financial literacy

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Financial Professionals

Mafematica provides SMSF accountants, financial planners and stock brokers with advanced tools to help evaluate a client’s future financial circumstances and model the impact of investment choices. It gives control to the user.

Mafematica will integrate with existing IT systems to allow for a client’s investments to be assessed for the future retirement drawdowns, and education funding or savings plans.

Retail Clients

Mafematica will provide SMSFs with access to investment portfolios and tools to assess future goals such as

  • retirement drawdowns associated with their actual investment holdings or proposed alternative portfolios of shares / ETFs and managed funds.

Mafematica will provide retail clients with

  • education funding plans, and
  • savings plans, commonly called ‘robo-advice'.

Mafematica will offer choices of investments, choices of brokers and choices of payment types.